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NEWSPAGE - 2021 facebook
  30-04-2021 Rivage la Haya in the flowering dandelion-field
  30-04-2021 Laudon and Merudin, almost 27 years together
  22-04-2021 Two nice foals of Imposantos (2020 and 2021)
  18-04-2021 Rivage, 3 days young and just such a speed
  17-04-2021 Rivage - first canter in the free space
  16-04-2021 Rivage outside with mother Ciluca and dog Nora
  15-04-2021 Born - Rivage la Haya (Imposaantos x Van Gogh)
  06-04-2021 Snow falling in april
  06-04-2021 Springblossoms in the snow
 30-03-2021 La Quinta Haya - 1 year under the saddle
 26-03-2021 Inshalla la Haya on fire
 23-03-2021 Novaluca la Haya 3 years old
 11-03-2021 Merudin la Haya 27 years old
 09-02-2021 Olga with Bizar and Di Luca in the snow
 09-02-2021 Can you ride a test in the snow?
 08-02-2021 Snowstorm
 31-01-2021 Primaluca la Haya with mother Joluca in the field
 31-01-2021 Sunrise
 dec-2020 - jan-2021 feeding the horses in the field
 29-01-2021 Julie and Di Luca ready for class L1
 25-01-2021 Geese on the field
 13-01-2021 Navaro la Haya, beauty and charisma, 3 years old
 13-01-2021 Colouring sky's again
 09-01-2021 Sunset