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Our breeding philosophy:

Our breeding programme is aimed at breeding modern sport horses in which all the key qualities of a Grand Prix dressage horse are brought together. With the choice for a stallion and the selection of breeding mares these, potentially present key qualities are the basis. In this we think in generations and focus on the long term. By riding the mares ourselves and train them up to the highest level we know the strong points of our breeding material and we also know where we can gain even more.

For an overview of our mares please have a look at the page breeding mares

At the moment we have in our breeding programme offspring of the following stallions:
sire: mare: offspring:   sire: mare: offspring:  
Apache Wiluca ISALUCA mare 2013 Johnson Ufabiola HYMNE mare 2012
Ferro Fabiola UFABIOLA mare 2001   Bronja INSHALLAH stallion 2013
Fürstenball Hymne MOURINHO stallion 2017   Ufabiola ISIS mare 2013
Geniaal Nemona MILANO stallion 2017   Ufabiola JERICHO stallion 2014
Gribaldi Bronja FIRONJA mare 2010   Wiluca JOLUCA mare 2014
Iconic-B Ufabiola NYMPHE mare 2018   Ufabiola LA QUINTA mare 2016
Krack-C Wiluca HOUDINI stallion 2012   Ufabiola MERENGUE mare 2017
Lingh Wiluca BIZAR stallion 2006 Totilas Diluca NAVARO stallion 2018
Voice Wiluca DI LUCA mare 2008 Totilas Isaluca NOVALUCA mare 2018
        Totilas Isaluca O'TOTILUCA mare 2019
        Toto Junior Isaluca OKILUCA mare 2019
        Toto Junior Diluca OBERON stallion 2019