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09-02-2021 Olga with Bizar and Di Luca in the snow
09-02-2021 Can you ride a test in the snow?
08-02-2021 Snowstorm
31-01-2021 Primaluca la Haya with mother Joluca in the field
31-01-2021 Sunrise
dec-2020 - jan-2021 feeding the horses in the field
29-01-2021 Julie and Di Luca ready for class L1
25-01-2021 Geese on the field
13-01-2021 Navaro la Haya, beauty and charisma, 3 years old
13-01-2021 Colouring syes again
09-01-2021 Sunset
19-12-2020 trainee Julie G. riding her first B-test
05-12-2020 Sunrise
23-11-2020 Knee-operation Olga - time-out from horse-riding
20-09-2020 Di Luca la Haya 67,3 % in Grand Prix - Exloo
19-09-2020 Bizar obtained 68% in his 2nd Prix St. Georges
11-08-2020 Early morning riding with Bizar
05-08-2020 Novaluca and Okiluca racing in a new field
06-07-2020 What a cuddly horse she is, Primaluca la Haya
01-07-2020 Finally the rain is falling !!!
29-06-2020 The first days of Primaluca la Haya
24-06-2020 Foal born of Joluca (Impossantos x Johnson)
10-04-2020 Flowering fruit trees
13-03-2020 Spring starts finally after all the rain
11-03-2020 Merudin 26 Years old
02-02-2020 Goodbye Hymne
23-01-2020 Article - sale Favian WH to France
23-01-2020 Favian WH (Feloek la Haya) sold to France
04-01-2020 Houdini 3rd in Prix St. Georges - IICH Groningen
21-12-2019 Article in - Wiluca - 3 offspring in PSG