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10-11-2018 Di Luca + Houdini la Haya - a succesfull duo
28-10-2018 Bizar la Haya - back on stage -(ZZ-licht)
23-10-2018 Houdini + Di Luca la Haya winning in Beuningen
25-09-2018 Navarone the youngest - the first to leave home
25-09-2018 Nymphe la Haya - no longer a baby
25-09-2018 Novaluca la Haya - growing up very fast
25-09-2018 Navaro leaving his mum and getting new buddy's
22-09-2018 Houdini la Haya 1th at his debute in ZZ-zwaar
22-09-2018 Di Luca la Haya starts in Intermediate I
31-08/01-09 Houdini la Haya does well in Hippiade 2018!!!
15-08-2018 Beautiful image of Houdini la Haya in PAVO-cup
11-08-2018 Houdini wins Regional championships in ZZ-licht
07-07-2018 Houdini la Haya passed to semi-finals PAVO-cup
15-06-2018 Favian WH (Feloek) with Brecht d' Hoore in BRNO
06-06-2018 Jericho la Haya (Johnson x Ferro) growing up
27-05-2018 Favian WH (Feloek) with Brecht d' Hoore in P.S.G.
26-05-2018 Houdini + Hymne first time in ZZ-licht
26-05-2018 Navaro, finally gets a new field too
19-05-2018 Novaluca, Nymphe and their mums in a new field
19-05-2018 Navarone and Gràcia exploring a new field
04-05-2018 Navarone -sweet little one
03-05-2018 Novaluca and Ciluca running in their new field
03-05-2018 Navarone in the meadow, 3 days old
03-05-2018 Di Luca - full of energy after yesterday training
03-05-2018 Ufabiola - a fantastic broodmare
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27-05-2018 Favian WH (alias Feloek la Haya) - scores very high
in Prix St. Georges
And on the same day that Houdini (Krack C x Roman Nature) makes his ZZ-licht début in Beuningen, big brother Favian WH (alias Feloek la Haya (Zizi Top x Roman Nature)) rode a mega score of 75,7% in the Prix st. Georges in Belgium with his rider Brecht D'Hoore!!!!!!!!! 
So proud of my big boy who left La Haya Stables only 1,5 years ago and of Brecht of course who makes expectations come true.
Is it a coincidence that two years ago also Feloek la Haya made his ZZ-licht debut here in Beuningen...?
Olga Boucher and Brecht d' Hoore at 3 januar 2016,
when Feloek la Haya started continuing as Favian WH
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