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  30-04-2021 Rivage la Haya in the flowering dandelion-field
  30-04-2021 Laudon and Merudin, almost 27 years together
  22-04-2021 Two nice foals of Imposantos (2020 and 2021)
  18-04-2021 Rivage, 3 days young and just such a speed
  17-04-2021 Rivage - first canter in the free space
  16-04-2021 Rivage outside with mother Ciluca and dog Nora
  15-04-2021 Born - Rivage la Haya (Imposaantos x Van Gogh)
  06-04-2021 Snow falling in april
  06-04-2021 Springblossoms in the snow
 30-03-2021 La Quinta Haya - 1 year under the saddle
 26-03-2021 Inshalla la Haya on fire
 23-03-2021 Novaluca la Haya 3 years old
 11-03-2021 Merudin la Haya 27 years old
 09-02-2021 Olga with Bizar and Di Luca in the snow
 09-02-2021 Can you ride a test in the snow?
 08-02-2021 Snowstorm
 31-01-2021 Primaluca la Haya with mother Joluca in the field
 31-01-2021 Sunrise
 dec-2020 - jan-2021 feeding the horses in the field
 29-01-2021 Julie and Di Luca ready for class L1
 25-01-2021 Geese on the field
 13-01-2021 Navaro la Haya, beauty and charisma, 3 years old
 13-01-2021 Colouring sky's again
 09-01-2021 Sunset
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11-03-2021 Merudin la Haya - 27 years old
Today, exactly 27 years ago, Merudin la Haya was born as the second foal of Olga's first horse Berenice, which she bought, when she had the age of 15. Merudin stimulated her love for the dressage and he gathered a lot of successes in his carrier.
With Loes Corsel he won the Z2 KNF championships (and finished just before Hexagons Ollright). With Olga he took a 3rd place in the Prix St. Georges at the NK Indoor, next to Parcival. Finally he brought her just till Grand Prix level!!!
After that he passed another time the same way from Z-level to Prix St. Georges, with Madelon Franke and Meerte Hekking. Although his head is a bit greying now, he is still full of energy, and often runs through the field like a young horse. Still always together with his life-time buddy Laudon, with whom he grew up and who is reaching the age of 28 years soon.